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There’s nothing more annoying than packing then carrying huge suitcases while traveling. We try to plan for all circumstances, but invariably, when we get to a destination, unexpected plans come up or the weather changes. It is difficult to adapt with the clothes we’ve packed. TravelLight is a clothing rental service for travelers. Travelers can have clothes delivered to their destination before they arrive, or they can use an emergency delivery service as needed for a social event or weather change.





This is Howard. He is attending a conference in NY next week, and since he is going to fly to NY, he wants to take few days off afterward to meet up his college friends whom he has not seen for a while. 

So he starts preparing for the trip. This is how he used to pack. Tons of clothes and heavy luggage which somehow take away the excitement even before he goes on the trip. 

But now with TraveLight, he can simply use his phone to start the service. He sees the introductions on the landing page, how it works, and the simple steps he has to do, some side features, Q&A, now, he is ready to pack. 

He starts by creating the trip. He is going to NY, from June 5th to 13th. For the first few days, Howard is going to stay at the hotel that the company booked for him. Then he will crash at his friend’s place for the rest of the trip. Here he puts in two delivery addresses.

The system then generates the trip profile for him. there are some basic information on the card. He can also swipe to see his previous trip. then he comes to the suitcase page. He can choose different size of suitcase, the small boxes represent the numbers of the item you can put in, and he starts to pick clothes.  

Since Howard is going a conference. he starts with the business section and check the suits. he likes this grey suit, but he has the concern about the size, so he uses the back up plan which allows him to pick one more size of the same clothes to make sure it will fit. TraveLight will ship both of them to the user in the same package. And will record users preference over time to improve the accuracy in the future, then Howard adds it to his air suitcase! After a while, Howard gets every thing he wants and ready to check out.

Before he checks out, he reviews the items and makes sure everything is right. when he checks out, there is a notification that the temperature will drop and suggests that he add a jacket.and then he fills out the payment page. That’s it! Now he is good to go.  

This is how his luggage looks now. Simple, light, and efficient. He goes on the trip with a wonderful mood. 

Howard receives the notification when he gets to the airport and sees that the first package is delivered to the hotel which makes him feel secured and excited. 

Finally, Howard gets to the hotel after the long flight. he feels great because he is traveling light.

when he gets in his room. he sees the suit and the items he booked are there for him.

He doesn’t have to worry about the suit gets wrinkled anymore.

He feels confident and nailed the job because he looked fly, and later in the day, He eventually meets up with John and Zoe. They have a great time and start planning for the rest of the week. 

John then proposes a bicycle trip on the weekend. Howard really wants to go, but he realizes that he doesn’t have sports wear with him. 

Travelight is here to solve the problem. Howard takes out the phone and opens the site. There is a wardrobe emergency option. 

He goes through the process.Fill out the information, goes to the active section and chooses the outfits for the coming bicycle trip.

The clothes are delivered to him in the next day. 

With TraveLight’s help, Howard doesn’t have to cancel the plan and disappoints his friend. He has a great time biking with them.  

At the end of the trip. Howard really likes the jacket he rented and wore for the whole day, so he opens TraveLight and pays the discount price to purchase the jacket. 

And he leaves the other clothes in the room. The service will go pick them up. All he has to do is go home with a satisfied experience

Travelight collaborates with fashion designers to find the best material, ethical production, and function driven clothes, and take the responsibility of arrangement, delivery, and cleaning to make sure our users could have a flexible, adaptable and light travel experience. 

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