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Menusifu, NY, 2019.4~Current

UX/UI Designer/ Product Manager

Abacus Business Computer, NY, 2018.6~2019.4

Product Designer

Universal Processing, NY, 2017, Summer

UX/UI Design intern

School of Visual Arts, NY, 2016.9~2018.5

Interaction design MFA

Candy House, CA, 2013.2~2014.2

Product Designer & Partner

HCG, Taiwan, 2012.9~2013.5

Industrial Designer





I am an experienced designer not only in the UX/UI field but also in Industrial design and entrepreneurship. I worked as an industrial designer for two years after graduating from college. In 2014 I collaborated with a friend and executed a start-up. The project "Sesame" is an IoT product which works as a smart lock, and was successfully launched on Kickstarter and raised 1.5 million dollars. I worked in product design, mechanical design, UX/UI design, branding, graphic design and management for the project. On the whole, the project was competitive and desirable to customers because we made the user’s needs our core focus during the design process. This focus made our work much harder and required we iterate many times. This approach is what contributed to our success.


I changed my career path to be a UX/UI designer and got into School of Visual Arts Interaction Design MFA program one and half years ago, and interned in Universal Process. Co as a UX/UI designer during the summer of 2017.

I am currently in the last year of the program. The training has helped me understanding how to address real problems and develop viable solutions, and have equipped me with the ability to translate the idea into reality. I enjoy the whole process of observing and forming key problems during research, then thinking, prototyping and testing the ideas. I also like to work with people and share the ideas with each other, learning from each other, which is an exciting way to improve myself.     



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