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Salon merchant POS system app design





We made the appointment page as the default and tried to simplify the mostly used flow for the merchants to manage their business efficient and easy.  

Base on time

Click on the space on the schedule where you want to make the appointment. Time and stylist will be automatically filled in, just choose the service and leave the customer's name. Once the service starts, click on the appointment to check in.   

Base on stylist

Swipe right to go to stylist page and make the appointment with the stylist. The profile cards and the current condition provide the user an obvious overview.  

Check out & Pay

Click on the ongoing appointment (with red border) to check out, and it will bring you to the payment system. The price will be processed to the payment directly.

The whole introduction of making appointment


The owner can easily manage the employees and assign them tasks in this section. Arrange all employees' schedule in with simple and friendly user experience.   

Shift management

Main employee management page shows the profile cards and owner can arrange employees' information and shifts inside the profile cards. Swipe right to the salon section, you will see the general shift of the week and the user also able to arrange it in the section.  

Add employee & assign receptionist

Adding new employees from the main page, and assign the front table who will have the access to the POS system. Trying to design the flow and interface more intuitive and visualized. 

The whole flow of employee management


UP Salon has a friendly management interface of gift card and services. Users can issue, manage the gift cards simple and easy to promote their business, and also can see all the gift card issue, selling, and using history in order to make the adjustment on their business strategies. The concept is applied to service management as well. The owner can customize their service by themselves.


UP Salon provides financial and management reports to help the user understand the current business condition and to see the potential improving opportunities.   


Cooperate with marketing team

The marketing team has done the research and framed the strategies before I joined the project. We frequently discuss the content even some interviewees reactions or feedbacks that wasn't mentioned in the reports.  

Framing the main user flow 

We try to frame out the structure of the product, there were many concerns and scenarios that we have to think through and put together.   

Observing the current product

To better figure out the navigation and hierarchy of the system, we went back to check the current POS again and again.

Wire frame & interface layout

We found out that there were many difficulties while constructing the flow details, so we printed the interfaces out and stick them on the wall to make the adjustments. We also try to fit the different scenarios into the flow which is really helpful.    

UI Design 

I started the interface design and keep iterating them. There were many feeling changes when synchronizing it to the tablet. I tried to keep it updating and actually feel it.

Testing & iterating

Pass my prototype around and have people test it. I got a lot of valuable feedbacks by doing this.  

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