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Some product sketches had done when I was in college.I was fascinated by Japanese designer Shimizu Yoshiharu's style at the beginning, which has very high fidelity and requires multiple tools collaborated to compose one sketches.

A while later, I notice the style from Koos Eissen & Roselien Steur which is stronger and faster, and I started to practice it.    

Carl Liu's sketch has become popular at the time. I found out the composition/ layout of his sketch can well communicate with the readers, which I believe is a big part of the design so I tried to pick up his philosophy during my summer vacation's practice.    


I started to use digital drawing pad after graduated from college. These are some drawing I drew in photoshop.

My first job was an Industrial designer in the sanitary ware company. These are part of my faucet design sketches for the projects.

3D models and renderings 


I have loved drawing since I was a little
boy, however I had to put it off due to
the massive workload I had from school,
but I never gave up. I practice by myself when I have time.

Pencil sketch, the best way to quickly depict the scenes and training the sense of gradation of shadow and light.

Starting to try oil painting after I graduated from college. It was a good practice for controlling the color. Although it got harder to paint after I started to work, I will try to keep this habit.   

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