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Interactive wall for SVA IxD program


As an Interaction program, we found out there were no signs or indications to represent the program when people get into the floor. Therefore, we decided to work on it for the slow code final project.  


There are many ways to present an interactive device, we made a lot of push and pull, and decided to provide a quick interaction which might engages users motion.    

Knock sensor testing 

We don't want any destruction on the screen side, so we worked on finding the way to apply the input, We tried light sensor, and the vibrate sensor, The idea was put the sensor behind the glass and the vibration will be detected when user knock on the glass, however, we tested the vibrate sensors even piezo buzzer and some other sensors we can come out with, it didn't work through the glass which was too thick , so we have to adjust the strategies.   

Active area

Glass window

Half transparency

paper (as screen)






Door / elevator

People come in

After bunch of testings, we gradually figure out the way to build out our interactive device.



More insight

Not only the interactive balls, we put more insight in the output. There will be some texts hiding behind the balls which is the hint for users, so that players would literally find out what's hiding by playing more, and the texts can be a joke of the day or a little task to interact with classmates ( like find out XXX ). By this way, players would experience the exploration and engage more.   


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