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New Taipei City Homeware Design Award


Yingge is an ancient town which was famous for ceramics and locate in Taipei city side. It was full of smoking stacks and molding clay.This bedside cabinet recall the prosperous days before.The chimneys are no longer emitted thick smoke, but emitted the tree with hope and light.The topside is designed with a ripple shape which resembles the instrument used to mold clay.It preserves the memories of this small town.


The drawer

We chose the porcelain for the material on the top and make the shape as the ripple, not only to preserve the memory but also has the function as the bookend, and the tree in the cylinder symbolizes the new life that comes from old smoking stacks.

Yingge is the name of the town which was named after a kind of bird. We use the shape to make the light lamp.It also means lighting up the tree with hope.

The ripple shape is like the implement used on molding clay. It also symbolize the memory of this small town.The ripple can be also used as a bookend.




We choose bedside table because it is related to dream and the size is ideal. We had many discussions about the shapes and how we want the concept to fit in every significant part. Here are some sketches I did to express the ideas.

3D modeling

Build the 3D to see the dimensions and simulate the reality, get  a common sense of the design. 

Making Model 

Made by Carpentry & ABS. We found a carpenter to build the body and then entrust the CNC factory to make the ripple design.The bird lampshade is made with acrylic.

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