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Kickstarter project

Never lost your charger anymore, Keep the memory in a personalized way, and explore the playful use case.


$1000 / 50backers / 2weeks

Learning entrepreneurship by acturly doing it! Design, launch, and complete a crowdfunding campaign for a creative project or service that makes at least $1,000 (substantive interest) from at least 50 backers in 2 weeks.  


Design Taxi (U.S)


Facetickers are for people who want the everyday objects they use to be more personalized and reflect their personality. Instead of having to write your name down on your Mac chargers and pens, you can use a sticker of your own face or the people you love to really make your possessions stand out.



We have the same Mac chargers, we might use the same pens, and we sometimes find out people are always purchasing the same products, but we want our own possessions to be different from other people's. What is the best way to make our objects most unique and recognizable?

It's Recognizable

We all have some moments in life that are remarkable, especially moments shared with the people we love and new, lovely people we have just met. We take photos in order to preserve our memories with them, but the photos that exist on our phones and computers are not physical and not touchable, and as time passes, we gradually accumulate a bunch of them and leave them there, never opening them again. Instead of doing that, why not have your memories of them preserved as stickers on the objects you most often use in everyday life? 

It's Memorable

It's Playful

The human face itself has a million expressions, and so there's also a million ways you can play with your Facetickers. You can buy it for a friend as a birthday gift. You can have two different faces talk to one another. You can also use it to create wonderful objects of art!


  1. Backers will receive an email with the dropbox link after the campaign.

  2. Take or find a one person only and face the only picture with the clean background like the picture on the left of the example above, and make sure the picture is over 400*400 pixel.

  3. Name the photo with "backer's name - the package that backer purchased" ex: Wilson-packageA.

  4. Looking forward to receiving it!


Week 1 : Ideation

Brainstorm, Idea inspiration. look over the elements that we like or issues that we care about and try to talk to people to find the topic.

Week 2 : Creating with public

Interview, cold email - Sending the rough ideas to people who related with them. Doing widely research and let the public iterate the ideas.

Week 3 : Preparing for a public talk

Iterate the ideas and pick one for the public talk. 2 minutes presentation to see the reactions and feedbacks. Think about how to deliver my idea efficiently.

Week 4 :  Public presentation

Presenting in public, and gathering feedbacks.

Week 5 :  Designing a crowdfunding project 

Initial Kickstarter draft for the idea(s)—outline of Kickstarter description + at least 5 reward ideas

Week 6 : Preparing for critique

Refined the Kickstarter draft and other relevant artifacts for product session. Flesh out project budget.

Week 7 : Product session

Talking with 3 advisors, 30 minutes for each. Go trough details and discuss the weakness with them. 

Week 8 : Making a launch plan

Detailing the launch plan - What needs to happen between now and launch. Getting the draft to the place that able to be approved and submit it.

Week 9 : Launch!

Launch the project. Keep updating and track the backers' feedback. Moreover, try to reach out more potential backers or group.    

Week 10 ~ : Dealing with the project

Contacting backers, start making products and figure out best shipping way. 


I got the chance to go through all the process to be a small entrepreneur. It is very much about reaching the right targets and being objective with all the advice I got. Designing the project in the right way and expose it to the public is a big challenge. I  could feel the panic of every group all the time, but I am glad we all made it and have learned things from it. There are certain ways to make the connections with the backers that I have noticed.


1. a compelling story, people love story rather than some introduction of the product, and video > picture > text.  

2. Strongly concept. Here is the problem! Here is my solution! Easy and clear. If people have the same problem or agree with it, they will stay and listen to you. 


3. Reach out target group before launching the project. It is hard to make the connection with strangers, but now you have some common issues can talk about, sometimes you can start with asking their opinions.

4. Design the rewards carefully. To actually make some backers back the project, you need some entry-level rewards and remember don't make it like a manual.       

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