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The New York Times Project


As the most famous and historical news media in the world, The New York Times has the majestic position in the industry. However, they are facing severe challenge in this quick changing generation. The digital industry rising and the consumers behavior changing have brought the huge impact to The Times. 


  • Show their work /Show their depth.

  • Business: Ads, and Increase subscriptions w/o deterring regular readers.

  • Voice, tone and diversity.

  • Become a part of people's everyday routine, and connect with readers by adapting to their reading habits.

  • Help readers live a better life.





What it does mean to live better? Eat healthy? Be active? More self aware? Be more knowledgable?  


In looking at the sections of the Times to see how they matched up with our goals, we found that the health section was full of practical information especially the well section.

Well section

With all the interactive guides, we feel that this area presents a good opportunity for another digital bet similar to NYT Cooking.

Why is The Times right for this? 

The Times is well-positioned for a health service: 

  • The New York Times Have accurate, scientifically-proven information and advice.

  • The New York Times reach users through multiple channels.

  • The New York Times make complex concepts easy to understand and master.

We think the New York Times can also become a good platform for people to turn to, to stay committed to their health goals.

Who is the audience

We decided to address readers between 25 and 40 years old. This is because they’re concerned with their health, and while they are digital natives and sometimes read the Times, they aren’t subscribers, and don’t think of the Times as a health resource. 

User profile

We interviewed 13 potential users within this age range, and found two main types of people: the engaged user, and the irregular user.

  • She lacked the motivation to exercise

  • She tracked her exercise on a calendar using a custom code: circle for good, triangle for ok, and X for bad

  • Her main source for political news was the Quartz chatbot app.

  • For health and fitness related information, she relies on friends, family, and the fitness gurus on instagram

  • Making his goals tangible, which also allowed him to tangibly complete each one

  • Sticking to a regular schedule

  • He was also motivated by the idea of being better than he was the day before.

Jim, engaged user

"I used to maintain my daily routine pretty well before my injury"

Ruth, irregular user

"I tried to work out and eat healthier but I found out it's hard to stay on track "

  With all this in mind, we narrowed our goal from

    Help readers live a better life 

How might we help readers obtain the information and tools to maintain their health and wellness routines?


Wellbot is an app that uses the well section resource to help people maintain their healthier routine and staying informed. 

Why an app?

We wanted to package Wellbot in an app because it : 

1. Makes Well section's content more accessible.

2. Creates a new channel to funnel readers into the Times’ content.



Design principles

Make Knowledge Actionable 

Make the knowledge provided by the Times actionable.

Extend the experience to wherever the Times is available.

Extend Experience

Maintain Routine

Help user pick their healthy habit and maintain their daily routine.

Forster friendship with wellbot for their long term goal.

Foster Frindship

Discover, Experience, and CTA 

Discover :

First of all, we want to start with the readers who already engage with NYT. Wellbot introduces itself inline in an article that has a actionable activities.

Experience :

With the chatbot, user will experience the features. For example, the activities are blended in article, but now its easy to see what activities from the article can be saved and find out more about them. Moreover, user can easily add the activities to their personal menu through the wellbot.

Call to action :

Once user experience chatbot at the webpage, wellbot invites them to download the Well app on their phone. By taking all their activities and health advice, users can continue to work on activities wherever they go.

Now we are on the app !

Log in flow :

Wellbot can give you a simple code on the web that you enter into your phone, logging you in without having to go through a laborious process.

Activity flow :

Once in the app, it’s easy to see your saved activities. One tap will launch the activity, allowing you to get your workout on.

Recommendation :

Just as on the web, Wellbot can recommend more articles and activities that it thinks you might like.

Bring them back :

Wellbot draws readers back-in with well-timed notifications that are relevant to both their interests and their contents.



Wei Ting Kuo



Idea Development


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Idea Development

App version prototype

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Idea Development

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Idea Development


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