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A clothing rental and delivery service helping travelers travel light under all kinds of unexpected situations.

UI Designer
UX Designer

Designer (Me)




6 months


I love travel

This project was my thesis for my Masters degree back in 2018. As an international student, I travel a lot, and that's the reason I choose this topic. I knew there were tons of services targeting this specific topic. However, I believe as the time passes, travelers' behavior and mind sets will change, so there is a lot of room to explore.   


What bothers you when you go on a trip?

I surveyed a 100 travelers and got 52 valid responses. 

Pain points

Carrying and managing clothes for a trip is an issue that bothers travelers a lot but has not been resolved 

Tina y.png
  • Carrying luggage

  • Can't find the clothes for tropical countries

  • Don’t like to carry clothes after wearing them

  • Packing, figuring out the outfits for the trip took a lot of time

  • Running out of clean clothes during the trip

  • Clothes get wrinkled in the suitcase

  • Don’t have the right clothes for a new plan during the trip

  • Clothes take up too much space

  • Forgetting things

  • Want to be stylish for the trip


What if I make a clothes rental and delivery service for travelers to travel light and adapt to changes?


Clothes Sharing?

The idea connects to a interesting topic - clothes sharing. There are car sharing (Uber) and house sharing (Airbnb) services, but when it comes to clothes, people usually have more concerns. 

My Assumption

People will be more open to a clothes rental (sharing) service while they are traveling.


Case studies

There are some clothes rental services such as Rent the Runway, Stitch Fix...etc.

image 87.png

RTR is a successful clothing rental service. In this case, the service targets on people who don't want to spent a lot of money but need a formal dress once a while. This means if the motivation and incentive is bigger than the concerns, people will be more open to take risks. 


Interview & Survey

I asked a very general question about what the interviewees thought about clothing rental. Then I added a scenario to the question, and found out the outcomes dramatically changed. 

How do you feel about clothes rental (sharing)? 
pie chart 1.png
How do you feel about clothes rental while traveling?
pie chart 2.png

What kind of travelers would need this service?

There are many different types of travelers. I categorized the travelers into 9 different types, and interviewed over 20 of them to find my target audience. 

TA analysis.png
Take aways

I thought "backpacker" was not my target because they just needed a few T-shirts for the trip and don’t mind carrying heavy luggage. However, they mentioned sometimes they stop in the city and want to get a great meal or enjoy a show, but don’t have appropriate outfits. This service suddenly became valuable for them.


What is it like?

Idea A

A centralized platform for travelers to rent the clothes from, and the service takes care of the delivery and cleaning.

Idea B

Collaborate with clothing brands in all the big cities, and travelers can go try on and pick up. Or have the brands deliver to the travel destination (hotels). 

Idea C

As a third party platform, connect the locals and travelers to rent the clothes out.

Decision making criteria

I listed out the key points of both the user side and the development side and put down the scores to help me choose the best ideas.

decision makling criteria.png

User journey

Based on idea A above, I created the user journey table to see what the flow looks like and what concerns users might have.

user journey.png

Test the idea


My personas

I found two travelers that were coming to New York and willing to participate in my test. 

Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.50.09.png
Svend M. Holst (Denmark)







27 years old

Student / Actor / Sports club manager

Sampler (traveler type)

Top: M (L for slim), Pants: 32 / 32

10/15-10/18, 4 days

 Air BnB

Fellon Chen (Taiwan)







27 years old

Flight attendant

Flight attendant(traveler type)

Top: S, Pants: 36 / M

10/16-10/18, 3 days



Run a business model prototype test

I made a mock up of the clothes list and had the participants actually experience the whole process

Pick the clothes before going on the trip
Screenshot 2017-11-25 16.58.32.png
Screenshot 2017-11-25 16.58.53.png

Mockup my prototype to run the business test


Svend: 2 sweaters, 2 pants, 1 shirt, 1 belt


Chen: 1 coat, 1 pants, 1 dress, 2 tops

Packed the clothes, delivered to them
Recycled the clothes and had interviews with the participants
Screenshot 2017-12-01 19.14.45.png



Take away from the testing

There are few helpful insights I got from the participants

Insight 1

" It felt like online clothes shopping at first when I picked the items before the trip, that might stop me there."

Focus on travel when designing the app, don't fall into online shopping design flow

Insight 2

" I might use the service for a few specific days or tasks, but not for the whole trip."

Don't emphasize travel with no suitcases. There are different ways to use the service.

Insight 3

" This can be a whole day fitting room experience, I can decide if I like the clothing that I wore for whole day or not, and decide if I want to bring it home. "

Design features that allow users to pay and take the rented clothes home.

Insight 4

" I usually go shopping a lot when I am traveling, but run out of space after that. The service can help me save the space in my suitcase. It will be also helpful if I can just pay a bit more and keep the clothes I am wearing so that I can save some shopping time."

This is another great example of 2. 3.


From paper to screen


2 versions of paper prototype and testing, 3 versions of digital interactive prototypes   

Flowchart for the app
Conducting the research and analyzing results, this are the key design points...

Before the trip

Focus on the travel experience, don't design a clothes shopping app. Think of packing, pricing...

During the trip

Emphasize the emergency delivery, have the user feel secure and that we are always by their side.

End of the trip

Design a feature that allows user to take the clothes home.


What are the design details and iterations?


Before the trip

Focusing on travel concept.

Landing Page

Visual focus

The colors were inspired by the sunset and the ocean to represent "travel feeling". Then I reduced the saturation and increased the lightness to create my hero image on the landing page. 

Group 149.png

Primary colors

The primary colors are the extension from my visual focus. I increased the saturation to catch attention. They are mostly used for the action buttons.

Terms iteration

Based on the feedback. I made the start button terms more interactive and actionable.

# 1F4078

# FB9701

Group 150.png

Create a trip !

Start with creating a trip!

Based on the research and testing results, my design started with asking the user to creating a trip instead of showing them the clothing options like a shopping site. Also, there is a reminder of the weather for the user to refer to when picking up the items.

Group 154.png

My Airsuitcase

How to pack?

Previously, I used a design flow that had users assign clothes to the specific date ahead. I thought it will be easier for the service to manage the resources and delivery. 
However, it
didn't fulfill user expectations.


Steve (Interviewee, sampler)

" That is not how I pack, I don’t really know which clothes I will wear for the each specific day at this stage "

The air suitcase

Therefore, I came up with the idea of the air suitcase. By visualizing and synchronizing the packing process with a virtual suitcase, users can easily pick up the idea and follow the flow. 

pack unhappy.png
pack happy.png
Group 157 copy 2.png

Pick Clothes

Categorize by activities

Continuing the concept of traveling and differentiating from the online shopping experience, I categorized the items by activities. Instead of thinking about the clothes and styles, I wanted our users to start with the activities they are going to do during the trip.    



Night Life





Space unit

I used space as the price unit instead of putting individual pricing on the items. This way, the users could easily understand the concept and it created an immersive packing experience.

Group 162.png

Check Out



Based on the content, the system will send reminders to users before check out. 

weather reminder.png
backup reminder.png


During the trip

Have the user feel secure and that we are always by their side


Notification tracking.png

Notification and logs

To assure the users, we provide a notification on the shipping status and any upcoming trip updates. There is an audit log feature to track this as well. 

Wardrobe Emergency

Emergency Delivery

As the research showed, unexpected weather or plan changes tend to bother travelers. In response to this, I designed the feature - "wardrobe emergency" to quickly deliver clothes or accessories to help them adapt to occasions.  


End of the trip

Have the user feel secure and that we are always by their side

Travel Light Back

Leave or take

Our users can always take the rental clothes home after trying it out during the trip. The app will ask users if they are taking the items with them for a discounted price at the end of trip. 

" This can be a whole day fitting room experience, I can decide if I like the clothing that I wore for whole day or not, and decide if I want to bring it home. "

-Svend, Traveler

Tell Us More

iPhone 14 & 15 Pro - 342.jpg

Improvements over time

The fitting experience is always the difficult part of a clothes related service. I designed this survey for users after the trip, which can help us understand the users' body type and shape so we can provide a better suggestion in the future.  

05 Launch product

Further steps and supportive resources

Talking about launching the idea in real life, there are few back end supports that have to be thought through especially when there is no investment at this early stage. 

Clothes resources

Delivery Services

Cleaning & Storage


Collaborate with the sustainable clothing brands

Ideally, I hope to get our own clothes collections and storage, but at this early stage, in order to provide the various options for our users, we can collaborate with brands like Madewell, Everlane...etc. Our platform could provide exposure for the brands or an off-season clearance channel.   


If they can deliver food, they can deliver clothes

In the big cities like New York, we see many food delivery services such as UberEats, Doordash..etc. The business model is there, we can use them to deliver the clothes if possible in this early stage.     


Be a regular customer for the laundromats

Well-established services like Rent The Runway have their own laundry factories and storage in order to control the costs and quality. At this early stage, we can be a client of laundry services all over the city, and have them professionally clean the clothes and provide temporary storage for us.    

06 Scenario

Let's see the story

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