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P5js / 3js some practice and ideas that I have done 


The first code I learned from the class, it is used for animations mostly, I found a lot of fun by doing this but it also took me much time to figure a simple effect out sometimes. 

Small game

Click the screen to start, then use W,S,A,D to control the four directions of the character and try to pass the cannons' attack to reach the door. The flash sign can speed you up and the treasure chest has surprising reward inside, but it comes with the risk.   

Version 2


Using p5.js drawing is a fun thing to do, sometimes I got the accident result. This was the beauty of code.  

Try to click around and see what will happen!

Drawing Pad

Guess what time is it? The sheep will tell you!

Sheep Clock 


Tried a little bit 3D, since I had an industrial design background. it is easier to get the sense of space. 

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